Valentine princess coloring pages

Mia Thermopolis continues with her diary entries, and this time it’s after the fourth novel, Princess in Waiting. Mia Thermopolis has no one to spend Valentine’s Day. Her boyfriend, Michael Moscovitz isn’t interested in spending Valentine’s Day. Lilly Moscovitz, her best friend, suggest that Valentine’s Day is a commercialized holiday for corporate interests. Eventually, Tina Hakim Baba suggests that the entire group should watch romantic movies at her house. Her mother and her algebra teacher, Mr. Gianni, are planning to spend Valentine’s Day at a romantic restaurant. Mia has to consider a Valentine’s Day gift for Michael, and she decided to give him a coupon booklet. Lilly received a heart shaped diamond necklace from Boris. Although Mia thought she would be alone for Valentine’s Day, she finds out that she is not alone.